Combustion and Laser Diagnostics Laboratory

‚ÄčVarious state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment is available for use by all center members.  The Center has a very significant investment in both coherent and incoherent laser-based diagnostic techniques for measuring major and minor species, velocity, temperature, droplet size and size distribution, and soot volume fraction.  In addition to world-class Analytical Chemistry and Visualization Core labs, the center has its own analytical chemistry capability for extractive sampling measurements of permanent gases and hydrocarbon species up to multi-ring PAHs.  A brief listing of some of the specific hardware is as follow:
  • High speed OH-PLIF system 
  • High speed tomographic PIV system
  • A set of 2D PIV systems  
  • A set of Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Systems
  • A set of Planar Laser Induced Incandescence systems
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Tunable laser scanning system
  • Different sets of Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Systems
  • CARS system
  • LDV and a set of PDPA systems
  • Spray measurement system
  • A large set of Fast imaging systems